1. Anwendung von Giotto bei Planetenaufnahmen (Deutsch)
1. Applying Giotto to planetary images (English)
2. Vignettierung entfernen (Deutsch)
2. How to eliminate vignetting (English)
3. "Echte" unscharfe Maskierung (Deutsch)
3. "Real" unscharp masking (English)
4. Verwendungsrate und Signal/Rausch-Verhältnis (Deutsch)
4. Usage rate and Signal/Noise ratio (English)

Download (2 kByte) Contains "Astronomie.atn" with the following actions for Adobe Photoshop:
  • Star effect 1 (makes "typical" stars from light dots, see some double star images in the deepsky section)
  • Star effect 2 (similar to above)
  • Blue channel synthesis (by Christian Ahlers)
  • Color burn (contains the steps from article 2)
  • Moon crater sharpening (only a test)
  • Unsharp masking (contains the steps from article 3)
  • Red channel as luminance
  • Green channel as luminance
  • Blue channel as luminance
Extract the file into the actions directory of your Adobe Photoshop version, i.e for German users:

If you can't find it, search for files with the extension *.atn